“Empowering working poor families with financial security through interim housing.”

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Giving HOPE to the Hidden

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River of Refuge is a nonprofit Kansas-City based organization which transitions homeless families with jobs from high-rent motels and shelters into permanent housing.River of Refuge has made a commitment to help the hidden homeless — families living for months, even years, at pay-by-the-week motels in Kansas City. There are dozens of these expensive, one-room motels in the metro area with families in crisis. They often pay $800 to $1,200 per month for a one-room living space.

Their children ride the bus to school and navigate after-school lives in a motel-room world. These families are the working poor, who can’t save enough for utility deposits, down payments or rent, but who earn just enough to disqualify them for food stamps or other state or federal aid.

River of Refuge purchased the former 150,000 sq. ft. Park Lane Hospital just outside the city limits of Raytown, in Kansas City, Mo. The former hospital is being converted from a community eyesore to a community asset that helps needy working families move to a “place of dignity.”

We provide lodging and services for the working poor, providing them with a direct alternative to pay-by-the-week living arrangements and giving them the opportunity to receive resources needed to be successful in permanent housing.