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You may qualify to stretch your charitable contribution dollars ... 

As an individual or business, consider maximizing your charitable contribution 
dollars through a generous, and easy to use, tax credit program! River of Refuge 
has been approved by the Department of Economic Development, through the 
Missouri Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP), to make state tax credits 
available to any eligible person or business in Missouri. The NAP credits allow 
a qualified donor to reduce their Missouri tax liability by 50% of their total 
contribution, resulting in their $1000 total donation potentially costing only 
$335 (example only, your net cost depends on your tax bracket. It's a win-win 
proposition for you and River of Refuge if you're eligible. 

Do you qualify? 

The Missouri Neighborhood Assistance Act makes this tax credit available to: 

- any person, firm or corporation with business income in the State of Missouri 
- financial institutions 
- insurance companies 
- express companies 
- partnerships and their individual partners 
- small business corporations (S-corporations) and their individual shareholders 
- limited liability companies and their individual members 
- individuals who either own and operate their own business, own and operate a 
farm in Missouri, or receive income from royalties or rental property in Missouri 

As you consider your charitable giving options, consult with your tax advisor 
about your eligibility for tax credits.To qualify for the credit, a business 
must make an eligible contribution to River of Refuge. River of Refuge is 
familiar with the process and can assist you every step of the way. Because 
River of Refuge has limited credits, please contact us beforehand to verify your 
donation will qualify for credit.