April 2015 Newsletter

Thank you for helping us Raise the Roof!

We are so thankful for your participation in this year’s Raise the Roof Gala. We are pleased to announce exciting entertainment, a new location (the Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center), a full-sized gala planning committee and much more.

To get us started, we wanted to present the information below regarding Missouri Tax Credits. We invite you to share this with your fellow colleagues in Missouri who might benefit from tax credits or speak with John Wiley and Timmy Hensel about personal sponsorship outreach to people in your network to whom you’d recommend. (This document is available to email to your contacts. Just let Megan Neher know you need a copy.)

Thanks again for being a part of the team. Stay tuned for additional information from the committee.

Missouri Tax Credits
Affordable Housing Assistance Program (AHAP)

The Missouri AHAP Tax Credit is the State of Missouri’s tax program to provide incentives for philanthropic giving to programs that support transitional and low cost housing. It may be used by corporations and individuals with non-w2 income.

Tax credits are $.55:$1.   A limited number of credits are available.  First come-first served.

Microsoft Word - ROR AHAP tax credits2.docx

IMPORTANT:  The above calculations only serve as an example.
For specific tax advice, please contact your accountant or personal tax advisor.
For more information about the tax credit programs available at River of Refuge,
please contact Tim Hensel, Timmy@RiverofRefuge.com.

Please follow these steps if you would like to apply for Missouri tax credits:

  1. MAKE CONTRIBUTION TO RIVER OF REFUGE. Note that you would like to receive Missouri AHAP Tax Credits. River of Refuge will send you a tax credit application form to sign and return to River of Refuge.
  2. COPY OF CANCELED CHECK –Request a copy of the front and back of check from your bank showing it has been cancelled.
  3. FILL OUT AND SIGN THE APPLICATION– Instructions provided with form.
  4. RETURN FORM TO RIVER OF REFUGE –Mail your canceled check with signed and notarizedapplication to River of Refuge for submission to Missouri.
  5. STATE OF MISSOURIwill send you a Tax Credit Voucher, typically within 30 days of receiving the paperwork from River of Refuge.  File the Voucher with your taxes to redeem your tax credit from the State. Tax Credits are valid for up to ten years and are transferable.
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