Tax Credit

Tax-creditsDid you know that you can make your charitable dollars stretch farther by using Missouri state tax credits for contributions to River of Refuge?

Missouri Tax Credits are easy to use. Eligible donors receive a state income tax credit for as much as 50 percent of the value of a donation made to River of Refuge. That means, if you make a $1,000 gift to River of Refuge, your net cost could only be only $335! (this is one example and depends on your tax bracket)

Benefits vary depending on your tax bracket so please see your tax advisor to learn how tax credits will work for you.

The Missouri State Legislature created tax credits to encourage development of low income housing exactly like what River of Refuge is designed to do in this community. These charitable contribution incentives work to assist donors who can provide a gift to River of Refuge and benefit in how much taxes is owed to the state and federal government.

How do I receive my tax credits?

We’ve outlined a simple step by step process to applying for the tax credits.

  1. Start by sending a check to:
    River of Refuge
    5155 Raytown Road, Suite 101
    Kansas City, Mo 64133
  2. Write Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) Tax Credit Gift in the memo line of the check
  3. River of Refuge will send you the proper tax credit application
  4. Fill out the application
  5. NAP requires signatures to be notarized and a photo copy of your check to be included
  6. Return the application to the above River of Refuge mailing address
  7. River of Refuge will complete the application and send it to the state
  8. You will receive confirmation that your tax credit has been approved
  9. Take your tax credit confirmation with you to your tax preparer or simply fill out a form MO TC to file with your taxes.

Who is eligible for Missouri Tax Credits?

Anyone in Missouri who completes the application and fits the criteria AND who is either filing an Individual Income Tax Return Form MO-1040 or a corporation income tax return Form MO-1120.

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