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Homeless Family Gets a Free House From River of Refuge

August 25, 2010

2010-07-20 11.38.16The River of Refuge has another success story. The local project to get the working poor into permanent housing has moved another family into a rehabilitated house. The house has been deeded to the family.  It gives them a fresh start on life.

Several months ago, River of Refuge was given a house in Kansas City, but it needed a lot of work.  Homeless people had been living in the house and all the copper had been removed. It needed lots of plumbing and wiring done.

After nearly five months of work, fixing it up and making it livable, the family took ownership in July. It is a three bedroom home with about 1,400 square feet of space and was completely furnished. They finally escaped the small motel room where the family of four had lived since November 2009.

2010-07-20 11.28.46The couple, with two small children – a boy, 3, and a girl, 2 – both worked but couldn’t amass enough money to escape the small motel room. The husband broke his leg around Christmas last year and couldn’t work. The mother worked but they barely got by.

Now they are having the times of their lives. Today the kids have a yard to play in and the mother has a kitchen to cook meals in. The husband is healing and starting to work some again. He is in the construction clean-up business and was present almost every day that volunteers worked on the house, doing what he could with a broken leg.

The family knew an electrician who helped re-wire the house. River of Refuge had two plumbers, three carpenters and dozens of other volunteers to do painting and minor repair work.

The goal of the River of Refuge is to get families like this out of motels and into a safe living environment so they can flourish as a family. Many are waiting.

Note From John Wiley River of Refuge Executive Director:

Help us celebrate this wonderful gift to this homeless family by make a donation online. We need to replenish our fund for family relocation. We have two more houses that need to be remodeled.
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