‘Hidden Homeless’ Find River of Refuge

Charlene Israel, CBN News Reporter
Friday, July 23, 2010


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — When you think of the homeless, images of tent cities and people asking passersby on the street for money usually come to mind. Today’s tough economic times have created new population segments known as the working poor and the “hidden homeless.” Read the whole story…

View 6 different CBN video clips about River of Refuge below.


Watch the main news story about River Of Refuge that ran on the CBN’s 700 Club on July 26th, 2010.









Watch John Wiley interviewed by Gordon Robertson on CBN’s 700 Club Interactive.



Watch the CBN News interview with Donnette Siems, a church member about how the River Christian Fellowship Church is helping the hidden homeless.
Pastor John Wiley gave CBN News a tour of the abandoned hospital and how he envisions it as a center to house the hidden homeless.
Pastor John Wiley shares how what he’s doing to help the poor in his community is just a reflection of what God’s prompting the body of Christ to do around the globe.
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